Logo Design Ideas for Your New Business

Image result for logo design services companyStarting a new business takes so much time and planning that sometimes, the logo design process takes a back seat. Your logo says so much about your business and is at the forefront of any marketing strategy. So where do you start?

Firstly, decide on the image that you want to portray. Is it an elegant theme, feisty, cutting edge, subtle, daring or fun? This is the first step in good logo design. You need to know in which direction you want to take your business and your logo will be the pinnacle of your mission.go to this web-site.

So now you’ve decided on an image or theme, then you need to decide on the colour or colours that will exemplify your image. Elegant theme colours include gold, black or silver, as well as white or purple. For a feisty theme, red, yellow or orange could do the trick. Something cutting edge or daring would require bold colours like red, black, dark grey, deep purple or a combination of colours. For a subtle theme, perhaps white, light blue, pink or pastel colours would work. Or if you just wanted to go with the fun theme then logos with bright colours such as yellow, orange, pink, green or an array of these colours could be an option.

Once your image and colours have been determined, your graphic designer or marketing consultants will create a few graphic design logos that would suit your theme and colours. Generally, you will have a chance to tweak the design of the logo that you choose until you are completely satisfied with it.

I always try to remind clients that the company logo is for your customers, so keep that in mind. Many times, as a business owner you get caught up in the excitement of designing a logo, that you lose sight of the primary purpose of your logo. But if you have a good marketing consultant to assist you, they will keep sight of your objectives throughout your company logo design process.

Chanre A Williams is a marketing consultant and the owner of Deschan Marketing and Promotions. Based in Gauteng, we offer affordable and customised marketing solutions to small and medium businesses.